Advalo drives more revenue for Autodealers.

We empower marketers to foster a sustainable and individualized relationship with your customers

The only platform to build an individualized relationship on every touchpoint

 Advalo leverages Data and AI to :


Generate instant revenue

Spot best leads and focus your sales team on low hanging fruits


Build a strong competitive advantage

Master your acquisition strategies, maximize marketing spent effectiveness and optimize your ROI


Optimize your consumer data asset

Leverage proprietary and exclusive data assets from your CRM & DMS


Make your marketing team 4x more effective

Simple and easy to use platform for fast learnings

Want to be back in the driver’s seat ?

Enjoy our solutions :


Reconciliate siloed data to build a rich 360° view of your customers

Build unified customer view, Map Consumer Journey, Measure online to store impact, Predict key moments to engage


Target key audiences & personalize actions in realtime

Score consumer intention, Detect In-market consumers, Promote individualized inventory, Trigger personalized messages, Alert Sales reps & BD team


Nurture and engage « in-market » consumers wherever they are

Activate smart Adwords & Facebook campaigns, Connect instantly with your Display network

 Discover usecases :

Detect existing customers when they are In-market

Engage hottest leads in Realtime when they’re onsite

Promote individualized inventory via Email or Display advertising

Predict renewal before your competitors

Alert Sales Reps when most likely customers to renew are in Service Lane

Target your key audience on Facebook

Spot dead leads when they’re back in market

Upgrade to new model with similar monthly payments

and much more …

Want to look under the hood ?

With Advalo, we have been able to transform our proprietary data into real gold. Our BD team has been able to improve customer retention by calling at the best moment, with the right proposition.

« Samy Benchekroun – Jean Rouyer Automotive »


Advalo has been improving our ROI dramatically: all « cold » leads have been nurtured and finally converted within 30 days. New leads are now scored and engaged by sales reps when they are most opened to purchase.

« Thibaut Carissimo – Bodemer Automotive Group »

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