Digital technology has shaken up the auto industry and has completely transformed customer experience. It is now essential for automotive professionals to capture a prospects interest right from the initial search phase.

Advalo positions its individualized marketing strategy to benefit automakers and car dealerships in order to generate traffic on their website and identify clients projecting high purchase intent  and rapidly bring them to point of sale. 

Generate visits and leads 

By segmenting customer data and analyzing real time website traffic, Advalo gives you the possibility to detect and target prospects entering buying decision process, as well as sending them individualized messages. In a second stage, audience segmentation on social networks generate new qualified leads on your website, which allows you to optimize acquisition costs.  


Identify customers most likely to repurchase

In a context where customer loyalty is a major issue, Could you predict when customers would consider renewing their vehicle ?

By individualizing customer nurturing, you will be able to identify customers most likely to repurchase and communicate at key moments that most influence their decision. The Advalo platform helps you develop a lasting individualized relationship with each one of your customers, based on knowledge and respect of their desires.

Gain valuable customer knowledge 

Lead and customer data is often fragmented, and their onsite behavior is difficult to analyze. By means of online and offline data reconciliation, and analysis of your database, Advalo enables you to acquire valuable knowledge of your customers and obtain an omnichannel vision of their purchasing path.

Convert your leads into customers

By using predictive models and nurturing on all points of contact during buying process, Advalo establishes a lead scoring system and presents your salesforce with leads closest to buying stage of sales of process: your salespeople can then focus on the most promising opportunities.

“By leveraging multiples sources of data (CRM, online, transactional…), Advalo brought us not only a more in depth knowledge of our prospects and our customers but an increase in the number of qualified leads transmitted to our networks and improved sales lead conversion .” Brice Renvoizé & Pierre-Edouard Sabary – SEAT France

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