TAILOR, the turnkey solution to immediately accelerate your sales


A set of ready-to-use AI boosted scenarios for immediate and sustainable results 
Guaranteed ROI: only the results count



What if individualized marketing became child’s play?

Advalo handles everything for an ultra-fast installation :


  • 1 –  A set of best practice scenarios from your industry leveraging Artificial Intelligence, your CRM, and digital data
  • 2 – Scenarios are customized to the individual through more than 50 predictive marketing models to increase the relevance of your communications 
  • 3 – You can measure ROI through an omnichannel overview of campaign results


Immediate Results

Profitable scenarios from the 1st actions

A controlled budget 

ROI measurement integrating online and offline sales

A 4X more effective marketing team

No additional resources required

Success or nothing

No risk-taking with this performance model. Only results are compensated.



TAILOR scenarios are based on best practices in your industry. They are automated scenarios that activate the best marketing campaigns based on your CRM and Digital data, the ones that will generate the most revenue.


Step 1: Data Reconciliation 

Through its platform, Advalo reconciles CRM and Digital Data and creates a unique customer identifier to follow the omnichannel path of each digitized individual. Customer knowledge is enriched with their browsing behaviors.

Step 2: Leverage AI to qualify audiences and individualize messages

More than 50 AI models can be used to fine segment the database and build audiences with high-value potential. 

Recommendation templates allow you to customize messages to the individual by suggesting the products most likely to interest them.

The scenarios are based on message templates (email, SMS, display, ads…) with the most relevant product recommendations. Once ROI has been calculated, they are automated to generate the maximum turnover. 

Step 3: Scenarios are activated on all channels 

With its multiple connectors, the platform makes it possible to activate marketing campaigns on all points of contact: e-mail, telephone, SMS, social networks, search, mail, notifications…

Step 4:  Measure incremental omnichannel turnover 

Campaign omnichannel performance allows you to calculate the increment of value generated by setting up control groups.



of ALL our POCs are successful


96% of our clients recommend ADVALO

« Until very recently we could contact customers by email, phone, or mail, now we can contact them through all the channels they are on like search and social networks, in a very individualized and personalized way.

Discover the case study

Valérie Kaufmann

CRM Director, BUT

1.7 million in incremental sales from customers targeted via Advalo versus non-targeted customers, representing a 2% increase in sales.  For the first time in the history of Grain de Malice, this will enable us to be profitable in 2018.”

Discover the case study

Laurent Bacquaert

CRM Manager, Grain de Malice

With TAILOR, benefit from the power of the Advalo platform without having to dip your hands in! 

TAILOR is Advalo’s turnkey solution, which allows you to use the full power of Advalo’s Individualized Marketing Platform without having to dip your hands in. Advalo takes care of everything: from message creation to campaign activation and ROI measurement. 

Advalo is an individualized marketing solution that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to facilitate data exploitation.

  • Easy access and use of data for marketing purposes 
  • Predictive models that predict the most impactful needs and messages 
  • An intelligent platform that identifies the marketing scenarios to be activated for each objective

Enabling marketers to become more relevant and effective

  • The indispensable platform for today’s intelligent and individualized marketing
  •  A solution that simplifies daily life  and boosts the marketer’s productivity

And to ensure an immediate and lasting impact on the brand’s turnover  

  • Customer loyalty and an increase in the frequency of their purchases, which contribute to immediate and sustainable growth.
  • A better knowledge of it’s core target to acquire more « better new customers »
  • An intelligent decision support solution for better resource allocation 

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